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Only to the degree that one attends to, will it manifest as their creation.
             —James Taylor

I have been exposed to many charities. They were all terrific initiatives and worthy. Most of them, however, are addressing consequences after the event. Kids dying of starvation and disease are already in that condition…why?

We as a human race need to fully comprehend how we are creating our existence here and how each of us is participating in this event. There are many great projects out there in pursuit of these answers.

Any projects funded by The Assumptions must be universal in their orientation so that all human beings are considered without bias to race, religion, culture, or sex. In this way, all outcomes would benefit all of us.

I currently have several projects being considered for funding right now and will post a description of these when selections are made. I will also note how much contribution is being made to each project.

However, I am still looking. If you are aware of a worthy project then please write to me at jt@theassumptions.com with the word “FUNDING” in the subject line.

In order to be considered the projects must meet the following criteria:

1. The outcome must benefit the entire human race
2. It must be a legal activity under the laws of the United States
3. The project must be based on some scientific activity whereby the results can be duplicated by others.

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