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Only to the degree that one attends to, will it manifest as their creation.
             —James Taylor
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August 2011

Part of the shift going on is due to people coming forward and disclosing the truth about their own involvement in things they can no longer be a part of. In school, you were taught this was your "conscious." Indeed, being conscious means being aware. Expect more (and more rapid) disclosures by people around the world within the next year. Here are several recent, very important examples happening in completely different fields.

1. Big Pharma Executive coming out of the closet. He explains how Pharma operates, tactics, its intentions and is likely responsible for more deaths than all wars combined over the past 20 years. Kids have been a target. Big Pharma Revealed

2. Navy vet coming out and describing his own incarceration and abusive tactics the U.S. engages on others and now even Americans, like him. He could start an avalanche of people who were treated the same, by us, America. He is suing Donald Rumsfleld. The State Supreme Court just ruled his case was legitimate and that he could move forward with his suit. He was a legitimate informer (whistle blower) and working daily with the FBI. Exposed and swooped up by the U.S. Military and held for 3 months. The FBI could do nothing to get him released. This was all over the news ....wasn’t it? Hmm, wonder why? Rumsfeld Sued

3. Contractor to the State of Florida gives sworn testimony that Tom Feany, Speaker of the House (Florida) hired him to write a program that could rig the election through their automated system in place....and then did it, still undetectable unless you do a manual audit and count. This should be a major warning sign. Did you here about this on the news? Bet not. Vote Rigging Exposed

4. Did you hear about the revolution that took place in Iceland? Recall a few years back they had a financial collapse in their banking system? Here is a brief of the events unfolding, how they refused to pay back private banks’ debt, kicked the existing congress out of their positions, wrote a new constitution generated over the internet by the citizens in public forum, put regular citizens in ranking government positions and implemented the new constitution. Their revolution is over and they are now recovering nicely without the IMF, World Bank or any other financial, partnering beasts. Iceland Revolution Chronicaled

Remember, when you hear these sort of things and become aware of these types of news items...never let it cause you fear or anger. It should be exactly the opposite. Love the fact folks are choosing honesty over corruption. This will bring about the shift all by itself as global inhabitants adopt-out of the existing paradigms into the new ones they design to match their shifted views.

James Taylor
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