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Only to the degree that one attends to, will it manifest as their creation.
             —James Taylor
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Einstein died trying to come up with something called the “Unified Theory” in physics to tie all the inconsistencies and disconnects together into one theory. He failed and even today it has still not been solved. It exists as an enigma in mathematics and now the same basic problem surfaced in biology and chemistry. Today we have an even larger quest known as TOE. Ever heard of TOE? TOE is the holy-grail of knowledge. It stands for “Theory of Everything.”

In my quest to unravel the mysteries of just being human some basic common threads begin to appear. It was a long way down the rabbit hole to see exactly where this hole ended. What I realized could be found everywhere. When you apply this common thread to any observation you will find it functioning and existing by identical rules. You find it in science, literature and common experience. I am going to synthesize down the entire thing to one thread…just one common denominator. I am not even that smart so this is something anyone can get their arms around. It is simple.

Everything that exists, no exceptions, vibrates at specific frequencies. Sound, light, tractor tires and hair all vibrate. There is a unique oscillation that registers a signature of its uniqueness – all identifiable. So stretch your imagination for a minute and visualize this. Got it? Let’s up the ante!

This frequency signature indeed vibrates. We all know what happens when something vibrates right? It sends out frequency waves. This is easy to see when something vibrates in water. The waves become visible. But at the quantum level these are atoms in harmony. Well, what do you think is fueling this wave broadcast? Energy! Exactly the same energy that exists in all of creation. On at least this one point we encompass the Alpha to the Omega…the omnipotent stem cell of our shared existence.

Harmony is nothing less than a concert of resonating frequencies. This means that creation as we all experience it is nothing more than our personal resonance signature blending in. When you add up the entire world’s signature into one melody then to any listener, that is what they would hear...us, being us.

Ever heard the expression about being in “harmony with nature?” Nature, earth, even air will also have a contributing symphony thrown in to our vibrating collective. Today, right now, I wonder what this would sound like. The resulting frequencies would be registering each state of being …here, now. Nature, plants, earth, water, air and people together will either harmonize or exist in dis-harmony between them.

When water is polluted it changes its frequency. When our air mixture changes it then changes the vibrating signature. When you get angry…so do you. TOE, the theory of everything…here it is. Everything that exists is a vibrating piece of energy with a frequency to register it as being…something. And together, we will hum one resulting tune. Today, stop and listen to that tune. What does it sound like? Now you understand something extremely profound but true. You have only one contribution to the mix, yours. Listen to yourself first and foremost. You, and millions like you, are creating a song.

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