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Only to the degree that one attends to, will it manifest as their creation.
             óJames Taylor
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Think about this...

Have you ever stopped to look at your resume of hidden things? That is, all the things you keep secret, hidden from others...something to embarrass you were it made public. Think clearly about this. It means you have a projection of you and then there is who you really are. We donít know you. Why would you want to do that? You reeaaly think we donít want to know you? You are wasting our time! Agreed?

Some societal model we built...huh! What were we thinking! It sure is a drain having to be more than one you...isnít it? Silly us, why do we do this? Well, we donít have to. Just take a look at your own inventory. What really doesnít serve you anymore? I suspect it has been there a while. See if you like it.

I confess, when I first looked at my list it wasnít pretty. I had a lot invested. I let go of a lot of stuff I just didnít need anymore. For the first time I felt real freedom. See? Not so bad. Imagine this for a minute: You, being the best of yourself, all the time. I mean some things are too sacred to share, but most things we hide are anything but sacred and usually not the best of ourselves. Can you see that? ...in you?

Then think about this: When was the last time you smiled about being you? Not the image you casted for the masses...but about being you? If not, why not? You are actually in charge of this you know! I will even make a bet you stand against such things in others. Donít you just detest politicians being one thing in public and something entirely different behind closed doors? Like that do ya? If not, then donít be that. Itís that simple and not hard to do either. Try it.

Havenít we all known people and later discovered who they really were and, well, been a bit shocked? I bet you have. Did you like it? If not, then surely donít be that too or you wind up on the other end of the stick. Imagine the investment they had to sustain the illusion you had. It steals from you too.

If you find this thought sanitizing then good. Conjure up your list. Take a look at what you feel so compelled to keep hidden and see how thatís working for ya. I bet I can predict the experience. You are going to look a little stupid for a few minutes because you will be looking at you, maybe for the first time. You get caught up in your own projected persona and forget about the ďhidden youĒ and that is who you really are. As I said, the choice for ending it is simple. I am sure you are quite drained from the weight anyway. Just give your own stupidity a good laugh, shake your head a bit and then move on. A whole bunch of energy is going to be freed up to you so it will feel pretty good...and that was just the first one. Imagine how you feel after number nine! Got the picture?

If you get addicted to the process, well, no worries mate, the rest of us are applauding. And by the way, if you want to take it up a level then wipe out all the hidden agendas, alterative motives, deceptive practices, and slight of hand moves. Thatís the same thing. It has to go with it. When you finish itís like an energy overhaul. You will be firing with all the pistons and likely not polluting either!

Want to raise the anti one more time? Think of all the old energies you hang on to regarding old relationships. Is that you? Let that go public, that is, the thoughts that go through your mind. I bet you keep that private to donít you? Well, guess what? That is you too. Still hidden. And btw, no one is encouraging you to go public with this and bore us with how horrible he or she is. It is on the inventory sheet of ďhidden stuffĒ remember? So it has to go too. It doesnít serve your end-game, does it? Want to be happy? Is this the stuff happiness is made of? Are you confused? Wake up!

I bet this hit a few cords out there. Sobering isnít it? But still, true. The world is in a mess folks. We want to know which you we are dealing with. So let the best of you show up. Thanks in advance from your immediate and extended community.

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