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Only to the degree that one attends to, will it manifest as their creation.
             óJames Taylor
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The Last Thing I Remember to Forget!

Growing up we accumulate a lot of stuff in our head. Of course we forget that it was us that put it all there. Fortunately that also means that we, as the creator of the content, can get rid of it too. Anything in there you would like to erase? Bet so. We all have some of this stuff. Well hereís a new angle on this shared phenomenon.

Have you ever wondered why the females walking the planet seem to develop a sixth sense about things very early in their lives? Whereas us men just stumble around bumping into the walls...sometimes more than once! Intuitive-ness wasnít even introduced into the male vocabulary until 1995 as far as I know. Well this can be explained and it relates to that baggage stuff we have archived in our selves. .

When you imbue a thought with emotion it adds this emotional vibration to the experience signature. Watching a bird fly overhead may not cause a strong emotion to register but if it swoops down and smacks you squarely in the head ...it will! The filter that determines your emotional reaction is your perception...yet another piece of the arsenal you control.

The ladies (growing up) applied a great deal of emotions to things very early and begin building the archives. But the boys were chasing puppy dog tails and any archive we built likely fell into the mischievous side of the emotional formula. .

What do you think happened to all this stuff? Thatís right, you still have it. When you distill all those experiences and their emotions then you wind up with a soup that announces who you are. Ever wonder why you canít teach an old dog new tricks? Thereís your answer. The soup has been cooking a very long time and the flavor is fairly well set. This soup is your signature. It is you. It is the electro-magnetic you that plugs into the rest of the electro-magnetic world. .

When people freak-out over events in their lives to the point of the experience disabling their ability to function in society then they have so-focused on that one event that human concentration becomes the dominant frequency, vibration, human signature announcing them. Think of a having a few of these in your archive! Well folks, lots of people do. We all do to some degree. .

The next wave of human healing will take place at this level of our being. The physical part we have been so concerned about was nothing more than an extension of our vibration. You might say we need some vibrational cleansing. What we eat. What we drink. What we feel and what we think ....all contribute to you being who you are. And by the way, please donít tell the government about this or we will all wind up with vibrational I.D.s hanging around our necks! .

If there is a shift going on here on earth then this would be it. A shift in consciousness is nothing more than a shift in our collective vibration. Healing is all about ridding yourself of the contaminating signals you consume. Your thoughts and your emotions are the best place to start. A great colon cleanse is second. Think of all that toxic waste vibrating as a part of you! This might be the easiest step to take! .

If you are wondering how you might start cleaning up your head and heart then think of it this way. What is causing you to feel is your perception. Bruce Lipton taught us perception is the key influence on the vitality of your cells. Yep, they are a part of your gig too. Changing your perception isnít hard because you do this all the time. The next time you encounter a circumstance causing your to react emotionally and that emotion is negative then stop and think of how anyone could view this circumstance in a way that makes them feel good and adopt that perspective for a minute. Bathe in that view for a bit. Then decide which view you want to archive...and adopt that one. .

It is you that is archiving the world inside of you. If you want to shift the planet then shift your views. You have always been in charge of this. TV, movies, and talk radio have been doing this for you. In fact, you can name a great deal of influences that help shape your perspective on things....right? If these make you feel fear or sad or angry then shift! Shift to something that doesnít. If rotten fruit makes you sick would you really keep eating more and more? Of course not. Why? Cause it makes you feel bad. Same thing. Be smart. Shift.

After a while the world will be different for you. Your perception will start a new archive of you being you. What you create will start from a different platform. At some point you will finally reach that last item in your older archive that you no longer have use for and forget about it. It wonít matter anymore. It will be the last thing you remember to forget! .

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