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Only to the degree that one attends to, will it manifest as their creation.
             —James Taylor
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Reincarnation has been debated a thousand ways. Here is a fresh view that might shed some new light on an old subject. Assume for a moment, you are an aborted soul. Instead of worrying about the doctor or the mom who aborted you...wouldn't you be more concerned with what God was going to do with your soul? I could only come up with three options for you.

• You are going to hell.
• You are going to heaven.
• You get another chance at life.

Are there any other options? If so, I can’t think of any. So let’s look closer at your options.

You go to hell
Can you really ascribe this demeanor to God? Most people believe you only get one existence to prove yourself worthy. In this case, you never had such a chance. So your God sends you to hell. Really? What sort of God would do this? This is hardly a flattering demeanor you ascribe to your God...is it? Perhaps I am going out on a limb here but I'm guessing that you don't believe God is going to send you to hell so let's look at God's next option.

You go to heaven
Now this sounds more like a loving God doesn't it? I suspect most of you believe this is the answer…but wait. If this is true, then a sure way to get to heaven is to die from an abortion! This means living your life would put you at risk of going to hell but being aborted insures you go to heaven. Pardon me for saying this but...doesn't this mean, for our children's sake, we should abort them? Wouldn't this be the best choice? This literally means your parents did you a favor by sending you directly to heaven so you can't screw up your life...doesn't it? There is no risk of hell in this option is there?

We should all applaud your parents for killing you instead of putting them in jail! Does this sound like a system God would set up? Do you really believe this? Without reincarnation then heaven and hell are your only two options...so which is it? Tuff choice isn't it?

You get another chance
Yes, this is reincarnation! Most of us do believe the soul lives eternally so something happens to you after the abortion. If you aren't sent to hell or heaven, then where did you go? Doesn't another temporary incarnation make more sense for you, the eternal soul?

It just gets worse!

Let's assume you weren't aborted but instead lived a few days and then died. The same questions must be asked. What does God do with you? Assuming you aren't going to hell then is dying shortly after birth your ticket to heaven? Wouldn't this be a most desirable event? We should all hope this happens to our children...shouldn't we? Living a life would then be something you would actually want to avoid...wouldn't it? Does this really sound like a system designed by God for an eternal soul? If not, maybe it isn't God that came up with this idea at all…maybe we did.

I suspect this realization might shock you a bit but these are the assumptions you make about God when you take a position to be against reincarnation.

This isn't a position for or against abortion or a child's death. It is simply a complete evaluation of the options for your soul. Which one did you choose? Which choice do you think God made? Some bells should be going off in your head about now. Think about it.

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