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Only to the degree that one attends to, will it manifest as their creation.
             óJames Taylor

SERIES: Leadership At The Quantum Level! A new energy in Corporate DNA!

Time Duration: Keynote: 60 minutes
Lecture: 1.5 hours


Company leaders want to motivate employees to perform, contribute, and excel. Hundreds of programs are designed to achieve this goal. Now science has discovered what was lying underneath the motivation! This lecture introduces what leading scientists in the world know (not theorize) about human beings and the energy we produce. Science can detect and measure human energy being generated beyond the normal five senses. This information is profound and far-reaching and you are using it right now. You can learn to use it better.

Once you grasp the science, you will see how you have been using this energy. Leaders will make the necessary adjustments and thrive as a result. This is an eye-opening and extremely potent motivational lecture. Learn how this human energy, which you are using now, adds a profound dimension to your Corporate DNA.

The lecture is solidly grounded by mainstream science. No theories. No conjectures. It is simply what we know. In order to utilize this important dynamic of business you must fully understand the paradigm shifts that have occurred in modern science. This is one lecture you do not want to miss. Please take time to see the brief slideshow below.

VIEW POWERPOINT(2007 version)
Target Audiences:

Corporate Senior Managers
Sales & Marketing Personnel
Customer Services
Human Resources
High School Seniors & College Students
Sociology and Psychology Associations

Materials Required: Projector for PowerPoint (large audiences)
Large Whiteboard (small groups)

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